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Elisa Melanzani‘s Designs are for....

...exclusive hotels, elegant clubs & private residences, imposing bathhouses and swimming pools, for a flamboyant store design, for luxurious restaurants, for film and television (costume design, set design, scenery), furniture design and exceptional cushioning (armchairs, dining chairs, sofas, lounge furniture and upholstery), as an artistic wall covering, a folding screen or a separating panel – for classy suits, costumes or shirts, individual belts, as conspicuous inner lining for coats and jackets.

Elisa Melanzani‘s Designs are for... the very special appearance, for the rock star and the diva, for the shiny opportunity, for breaking conventions, for selfwilled beliefs, for an active-minded and a unique sense of life.

Treasury olivine

Treasury sapphirine

Treasury topaz

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