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TREASURY is a collection of patterns, which is developed out of original artworks. The idea is based upon the philosophical discourse about the chain of the terms “symmetry – love – hubris”. In the myth of the ancient Greek Narcissus falls in love with his own mirror image. The archetype of his behaviour, in addition to that utopias of ideal societies and human beings, perfectly styled by gene technology, are giving an open view to our ego – in its eternal conflict between faintness, secret wishes and genius.

To give up and lose yourself in the endless microcosm, in repetition and reflection, and to be reborn all the time with extravagant and individual answers – this is the key for an astute-minded lifestyle.

TREASURY is divided into three subgroups:

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Treasury olivine...

... includes mainly the shades of yellow and green.

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Treasury sapphirine...

... covers the scale of tones from brown and blue.

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Treasury topaz...

... encloses the colour spectrum of red and black hues.

Treasury olivine

Treasury sapphirine

Treasury topaz

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