General Terms and Conditions

The prints of ELISA MELANZANI are individually customised – for this reason prepayment is requested. The successful transfer of payment is regarded as confirmation of placing an order and is regarded as a sales contract.
Ordinarily the delivery of the ordered product will take place within four weeks after receipt of an order.

ELISA MELANZANI assumes no responsibility for damage to printed materials, caused by inappropriate handling or usage.

Bank-, draft-, transfer charges and costs of transport of goods will be carried by the customer. Standard delivery will not be covered by insurance, unless requested and paid for by the customer.

Because of the bespoke nature of manufactured goods, exchanges and refunds are not possible. Before goods are despatched, all ELISA MELANZANI goods are subject to attentive quality inspection. Should faulty goods be received by a customer, a claim must be registered within eight days of receipt of the item. If the complaint is justified, ELISA MELANZANI will replace the goods. Because the printing process must be repeated, delivery of the replacement goods may take up to four weeks.

ELISA MELANZANI printed materials are mainly natural products, witch means they are subject to slight variation concerning colour, print image, and also for example concerning thickness of yarn. Colour deviations between illustrations on the webpage or other also printed publicity materials and the delivered goods does not represents imperfection, and goods will not be replaced or refunded on the basis of such variation.

If ELISA MELANZANI determined after an order is placed that the ordered material is not anymore available or not possible to deliver for legal grounds, ELISA MELANZANI may offer an equivalent product concerning quality and cost, or cancel the order. In the event of an order being cancelled, the purchase price will be refunded immediately.

The place of fulfilment and the legal venue is the registered address of ELISA MELANZANI.

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